Why Me?

Virtual assisting is blowing up these days, and for good reason.  Most of the jobs that administrative professionals have generally performed in the confines of an office are now able to be accomplished from anywhere.  This also allows a virtual assistant to serve people across the country and even world, as opposed to previously only being able to work within one’s geographic area.  This means that these days there are A LOT of virtual assistants out there offering their services.  So, why me?  What makes me different?

First: Experience.  I have over 10 years’ experience as a legal assistant.  I was with my first “real” job for nearly nine (9) years.  This time in the workforce has helped me to gain a large variety of new skills and allowed me to hone the skills I already have.  Additionally, I have references who I would welcome you to contact who will attest to my stellar work quality and commitment to excellence.  My reviews at my past jobs have been stellar.

Second: Variety of Skills & Services to Offer.  Anyone who has worked as a legal secretary will tell you that we are required to wear many hats and perform a wide variety of tasks.  Therefore, I have gained invaluable experience in many different areas and can offer a wide variety of services (see the “Services” page for more details).

Third: My two core philosophies in any personal or business relationship are honesty and trust.  You may not know me yet, but I promise that if you give me a chance (trust me) one time, you will not be disappointed.  In return, I will be 100% honest about my capabilities and ability to perform your job and will never over-sell myself.  I simply don’t believe in it.

Anyone in business knows that they wouldn’t be successful without having taken a few risks along the way.  I ask that you take a small risk and try me out – I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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